Verto Solutions

Who We Are

What is in a name?  A name is more than a way for others to identify you in a crowd.  It offers an idea of who you are, what you stand for, and what drives you to succeed.

The origins of what was to become Verto Solutions goes back more than 40 years, but in assuming our identity, we wanted to create something new.  Something updated.  Something fresh.

Taken from Latin, "Verto" conveys a renewed sense of interpretation and understanding.  "Solutions" is, put simply, what we provide our clients.

This is how we became "Verto Solutions."  We interpret our clients' needs, understand their goals, and use our expertise to design thoughtful and effective solutions.

With more than four decades of experience behind us, the Verto Solutions team draws on past successes and learns from our challenges.  We have the skills and size to meet our clients’ disparate program needs.  Learn more about our corporate history, our team, and our clients on the following pages.


Our Team 

Representative Clients